"> Refurbished Drives


We are up and running around the clock to assist YOU with all of your drives and machine controls problems! 

Refurbished Drives @ Great Prices!


Mentor 2 DC Drive

420Amp, fully regenerative. Runs on voltage between 200 and 500 AC volts.  

Fully refurbished and ready to go!



Allen Bradley SLC500

We have the CPU as well as input and output cards ready to go!

Contact us for pricing! 


Baldor A.C. Drives

We have various horsepower and voltages, including newer models, ready to go! Prices as low as $150!

Contacts us to find out what we have ready to ship!


 A.C. Vector VFDs

We have various horsepowers available at 460Volts, refurbished and ready to run your motor at a low price with a warranty!

Don't know if this will work? Contact us with your questions and we will let you know!

If you don't see your voltage, horsepower, or type of drive, Contact Us to see if we have it for you!

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