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We are up and running around the clock to assist YOU with all of your drives and machine controls problems! 

Our Services


Bench Repairs & 
Field Service Also!

Factory Trained Technicians with the latest in diagnostic devices will find the problems with your machine and make the repairs as rapidly as possible!


Heat Tracing!

Our cameras can find problems that have not yet happened so that you can plan for the repair during a scheduled down time. 

Don't let your machine go down just when you needed it the most! Have us come out and scan your drives, control, motors and other machine devices looking for heat stressed components!


Line Analyzing!

Do you need power factor correction to reduce your utility costs? How would you know?

Call us to analyze your system. We can also determine if there are disturbances on your utility line that are causing problems with your machinery!


Machine Control Retrofits

We can update and upgrade everything from relay logic on a machine to old, dead, CNC controls! 

Call us to analyze your machine. We can make your machinery function more effiently!

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