Texas Honing

The following controls were created to replace existing electrical controls on a pipe honing machine! The Spindle drive is the large one at the bottom left. It is a Saftronics VG5 Vector drive. The bottom right is a Saftronics Softstarter for the pump. We also have the feed drive and bar drives in the VG5 series. In the center is a Mitsubishi P.L.C. we used for machine control. This system has been running since 1997 without the first service call!

Pipe Honing Machine Electrical Controls

We also built the operators control station for this machine! It included a meter to shut down the machine in the event of over torque on the spindle. Load meters were included for all of the drives! We assisted the on-site electrician with connection and performed the start-up as well!

Custom Operator Control Station