Pump Retrofit

On this system, the original drive (a G-3 inverter) had died of old age. The repair consisted of replacing DC bus capacitors as well as circuit board capacitors. The cost to repair the drive was prohibitive when compared to replacement with our Eric 9001 drive. The customer elected to replace the drive, which we were able to do in just a few hours, interfacing the drive with the old bypass control cabinet. You can see the old cabinet "gutted" and prepared for installation of their new drive.

An Old G-3 Inverter

Now you see our Eric 9001 drive installed and running in the old bypass enclosure. This drive was installed in the spring of 2001 and has been running flawlessly since then! H.I.S.D. is now changing out all controllers when they fail with our Eric 9001 because of the ease in programming and reliability of the drive. The drive has many more functions than the customer needs but is so user friendly that they elected to stay with that drive in the face of "cheaper" drive solutions that were not user friendly.

Eric 9001 Drive Installed