Merchant Metals

They said it couldn't be done! We were approached by Merchant Metals to see if an existing AC motor with variable shieves could be replaced by an AC inverter. We said, "Yes, but, with a vector drive. Not a plain inverter." Corporate engineering had stated that it would require a conversion to DC, and about $25K per motor. (There were 3 total). We were given one to try and "Voila!" It worked beautifully, just as we promised. 6 months later we were given the other 2, and all have been working since early 1998. What did we use? An EMS Vector Drive. Note the schematics in the door. We also modified the system to allow control from one speed pot at a new operator's station. Total cost to do all 3? The same as corporate gave to do one in DC, $25K!

EMS Vector Drive