Lufkin Industries

This is a retrofit on an old Ingersol Mill. The old system was controlled by the electrics and a Motor-Generator Set. These were removed and the cabinet in the second picture was installed with all new Control Techniques Drives, AC and DC. The installation was accomplished over the space of one week. The new installation includes an Allen-Bradley SLC500 PLC for machine control. Lufkin Industries was provided new machine drawings and a copy of the PLC program for future troubleshooting. This system has been in place since 1996 without problems!

Old Ingersol Mill Controls

Before, notice the old electrical panel. The MG set is not visible. After, notice the new drive cabinet at right. Down time on this machine was reduced to nearly zero after our changes.

All New Controls In The Cabinet

A.I.M. Controls also built a new operator's pendant for this job. The new pendant contributes greatly to the dramatic decrease in maintenance costs and downtime.

Operators Pendant