JDR Cabler

AIM Controls built controls for JDR's custom built stranding machines. One machine, which has the controls, was capable of stranding 32 and 64 wire cables independently or running them together for up to 96 wire cables. The control station had Automation Direct PLCs controlling the drives systems via a ratioing card that allowed the operator to set custom lay lengths.

Custom Built Controls

These controls were built on the same principle as the previous machine. The difference was that this machine had two parts capable of making 6 and 12 strand cables as well as being joined to make 18 strand. The control stations were identical To This One.

Custom Built Controls

Here we have a picture of the inside of the control stations. The PLC, Automation Direct 400 series, was set up to operate independently depending upon the postion of a key switch. They could also be "joined" with the larger system acting as the master for the smaller. These systems have been in place since the summer of 2000 and have run without any problems.

Inside The Control Station

Finally, you can see the machine we are controlling with our new system. We can't show you any more than this picture because we can't give away any secret information on the J.D.R. process, just as you would not want your secret information given away. However, this machine has been operating smoothly since the summer of 2001!

Machine Controlled With New System