Forced Air Dryer

This customer needed a way to spin up large pipe to high speed, then insert material inside while the pipe turned. The purpose was to coat the inside and allow the material to "set up" before stopping the pipe. We designed this set of controls to do the job. Two drives control motors at each end of the pipe while the third drive controls the feed rate of the "wand" to apply the coating. The two drive motors are linked via the drives to make certain that the surface drive feet per minute are identical. How did we do that? Simple! We just had one drive "slave" itself to the other through a torque signal! The process is proprietary so we can't show you pictures of the the process, only the fine job done by our technicians in assembling the new control system for Womble. A pump manufacturer saw our system and the excellence of our drives and has now standardized on A.I.M. Controls as their controls team!.

New Womble Control System