This is the Mentor II, 350A regenerative drive. Below the drive is an FXM5 field regulator to allow the table motor to operate in the extended speed range. Above the drive is an input contactor. To the right are the Axis servo Unidrives. The dynamic braking resistors are above the drives.

Mentor II 350A Regenerative Drive

This machine had a multitude of problems before our retrofit. Since then, summer of 1999, there has been only one machine problem which turned out to be a defective pressure switch.

Machine Pre Retrofit

Here is the finished operator's interface. This is a touch screen which is backed up with an industrial keyboard mounted on a shelf below the screen.

Operators Interface

Lastly here is the machine finished and ready for production! The operator said that the machine had never run so well in the years he ran it, nor was it nearly as fast as when our controls ran the machine. The reduction in downtime paid for this retrofit in less than a year.

Finished Machine